No one knows who I really am

I feel like in living in my own world apart from everyone else. People around me go around doing and saying whatever they want, but there I am with my guard up and my mouth shut. I learn a lot that way, but it’s so lonely. I feel like I’m living with a stone wall in front of me. No one can get through it. No one knows who I really am. They think they do, but they only know what I let them know. To be honest, I’m too afraid to let my wall down. It sounds scary to be honest about my feelings and to speak my mind. I’ve been put down, hurt, and misunderstood so many times before. I don’t want to feel that again. I’ll just keep quiet and look out at the world behind my wall and hope no one notices my reserve.


3 thoughts on “No one knows who I really am

  1. I have felt the same why. If I can give you an advice it would be to not stop expressing yourself. You will meet people that will love you for who you truly are, believe me. You just have to relax and embrace your world.


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